Beyond Helping Us Sleep: The A lot of Health Rewards of Melatonin

Lots of instances my patients will tell me that they have issues sleeping – they either have difficulty getting to sleep or they have challenges staying asleep. Not surprising, generally around our late 40’s – 50’s we start to turn into deficient in melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. As we near age 60, melatonin shops decrease even additional.

Nevertheless, as I clarify to my sufferers, the very good news about melatonin is that recent study has shown that it may possibly do significantly extra than just aid us get to sleep. It may possibly guard against migraine, Alzheimer illness and other neurodegenerative ailments. It might even help cancer patients live longer. Making positive your melatonin retailers are adequate then is not only advantageous to your sleep but to your brain and immune technique in general.

There are many strategies we can remedy a melatonin deficiency and get our sleep and overall health back on the appropriate track. Very first, let me clarify much more to you about the essential part melatonin plays in your health.


Melatonin truly is one of the miracle hormones that the human body produces and has numerous benefits. It is a main antioxidant that goes soon after 2 of the most hazardous totally free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals that can result in poor wellness.

Melatonin probably is ideal known, although, for its potential to assistance us get to sleep and relieving jet lag as it regulates the body’s internal time clock. Melatonin does not quit there, though it also has these other health added benefits:

1. Neurological diseases: Alzheimer sufferers are nearly normally low in melatonin. Supplementation with it helps the increasing agitation syndrome named “sundowning” that can accompany Alzheimers. Cloudy aids Parkinson illness patients with movement and coordination as well as aids them sleep much less restlessly. Prevents brain damage and fatal outcomes from strokes.

two. Heart protective: Melatonin helps normalize cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure.

three. Fights cancer: Melatonin affects a quantity of cancers, breast, liver, lung, prostate, and brain metastases from other physique location tumors. It also seems to counteract the toxic effects of chemotherapy such as anemia, heart harm, mouth sores, and fatigue.

four. Psychological ally: Melatonin can help relieve pressure and anxiousness, each of which are aggravated by lack of sleep.

five. Boosts Sex Drive: Melatonin is produced by your pineal gland, the very same gland that regulates your sex hormones. If melatonin shops are low, most most likely so are your sex hormones. Investigation has shown that supplementation with melatonin restores an interest in sex.


Fixing a melatonin deficiency is rather effortless. How do you know if you’re melatonin deficient? Most individuals age 50 and more than will be somewhat, or significantly, deficient, in melatonin, the exact same as we can turn into deficient in other hormones like estrogen, testosterone as we get older. Younger persons are unlikely to be deficient in melatonin unless they have specific other wellness conditions that may perhaps herald deficiency (see below) and its usage.

The most common symptom of a melatonin deficiency is sleep disturbance, trouble receiving to sleep, staying asleep, light sleep, lack of dreaming, daytime fatigue. On the other hand, some other indicators and symptoms that may perhaps reveal possible melatonin deficiency can also incorporate:

Breast cancer
Prostate cancer
PMS and other menstrual issues
High blood pressure
Heart rhythm disorders, heart attack
Your medical doctor can do a blood, urine, or saliva melatonin test to determine your deficiency.


Supplementing with melatonin is relatively easy after you have determined that you are deficient in it. To remedy sleep disturbances, and boost general well being, the prevalent dose of melatonin to commence is 1 mg up to three mg. Greater levels of supplementation, which can be performed to augment treatment for other disease states, should only be done below a doctor’s supervision. Do let your physician and/or pharmacist know that you are supplementing with melatonin, or eating foods that include melatonin, specifically if you take prescription medication to stop interactions or impact the efficiency of your medication. Do not take with alcohol or sedative-kind medicines.

As noted above, there are also foods, which contain melatonin which you want to look at to protect against over-supplementation. Red tart cherries, specially Montmorency kind, have significant levels of melatonin in them. Other foods include tryptophan which raises serotonin levels and then convert into melatonin. These include milk, turkey, peanuts and chicken.

As I advise my sufferers, melatonin is a superb hormone that does miraculous factors in the human body. On the other hand, I also caution my patients that it is a substance that wants to be employed cautiously to obtain the most well being advantage and avoid side effects of more than-supplementation.

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