The Significantly less Gaudi Facet Of Barcelona – El siguiente Rey Via Are generally Embeleso Secret Store

So a lot has been created about Antoni Gaudi and his affiliation with Barcelona that it is practically inconceivable to venture to that pearl of the Mediterranean without at minimum shelling out some time admiring the sinuous extravagances of the architect’s fanciful creativeness. But penarrubia lounge is complete of unusual outlets, bars and dining establishments that have been heading about their business considering that ahead of Sr. Gaudi picked up his 1st pencil.

At amount eleven Carrer de la Princesa, a painted be-turbaned head glares out from the curve of a big blue query mark. Below it a glass show circumstance retains taking part in cards, puzzles, wands and intricate explanations of the illusionist’s art. This is El Rey De La Magia, founded in 1881 and the oldest magic shop in Spain.

Shortly ahead of Gaudi began function on the Segrada Familia, Joaquin Portagas became intrigued with the entire world of illusion. Following a trip to South The united states where he realized some new methods and tactics, he decided to get a complete-time step into the magic globe and opened El Rey de la Magia, a brave action at a time when only a number of folks understood and practiced the illusionist’s artwork. At that time magic was mostly executed on street corners, in markets and bars – it wouldn’t become really well-known right up until the 1930’s, when it lastly entered the theatres and turned a significant interest.

In the store, and the little museum of magic close by, posters going back to the early years of the previous century market the renowned magicians of the day, a amount of them dressed in flowing Chinese robes. The brilliant costumes ended up witnessed as extremely exotic when they first appeared, and in addition to – there was plenty of room to cover factors!

In 1933 the 1st magic group in Spain was began in Barcelona, the Asociación Catalana Illusionistas – and achieved in Quatro Gats, the exact same café exactly where Picasso, Joan Miró and other artists, writers and poets would meet. Magic was witnessed by a lot of as component of the arts in people times.

By the time José Maria Martinez took in excess of the store the magic company had been in drop for a number of several years – there was even speak of converting the home into a bar. At that time he and his wife, Rosa Maria Llop, have been skilled actors but incorporated magic in their specifically developed performances, something they still do today.

Magic is now a quite well-liked interest again, and even although most individuals fairly like the quite grand David Copperfield-kind illusions, it is even now the close-up, a lot more personal phase performances that folks actually choose. And you never get a lot more close-up and intimate than the performances held at their very small theatre, in which toddlers to granddads goggle in awe at the ‘magical’ Sunday exhibits.

The theatre is element of a museum of historic magic props (the place you can see Rosa’s grinning head mysteriously suspended in a glass case), but in the workshop underneath, José Maria works devising new tips for consumers planet-extensive, even though in the planet of magic nothing at all truly modifications.

Essentially magic is described by a couple of rules – levitation, altering color, form or spot, and breaking some thing apart and putting it with each other again. Even if you’re chopping someone’s head off you nonetheless have to set it back again once more or where’s the magic? There isn’t really – it’s then known as murder!

The most critical point in magic is generating the real truth of anything that will not exist. That arrives down to strategy, you require to emphasis the public’s interest exactly where you want it. 1 of the most tough illusions to do is levitation simply because it requirements about 4 minutes to set up, in entire community check out, and 4 minutes is a quite prolonged time for a magician to stand on stage and do absolutely nothing.

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